Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nursery Jubilee Tea!

The boys' nursery put on a fab Jubilee Tea Party yesterday. 
Decked in their red white and blue (complete with t-shirt up-cycled cape which hasn't left Joplin's back for the last week!) we set off with Joplin's friend Evie and family. 

There was a great spread, pass the parcel, dancing, crafts, facepainting (Joplin thankfully just wanted arrows on his arms today so not too much to wash off!), Royal themed flashcards (I loved these! - included all the Royal family individually and really detailed words such as Coronation).
I was really proud of Joplin's patience as he was one of the last to open a layer of the pass the parcel and played the game really patiently whilst 30 odd children opened a layer and won sweets before him. 
It was a lovely nice way to round up the jubilee celebrations!