Friday, 8 June 2012

Dining table play house / tent

This was such a quick and free project! I made it last night out of some old sheets. The boys have been playing in it all morning.

Joplin decided that he would go 'upstairs'!

Then Eden decided that was where you sleep of course!

Basically I laid a sheet on the table with the wrong side facing up 'table cloth style' then used a chalk to draw around the table using the edge as a guide. I cut off the excess with a couple of inches around the chalk line and then pinned the other sheets to the chalk line. It helps to weigh down the first top sheet so it doesn't slip. I machine sewed the sheets together and removed the pins.
 I popped it all back on the table and then pinned the sides together. I sewed the sides and again removed the pins. I then trimmed the seams. Whilst it was on the table still I marked where I wanted doors and windows and then removed it from the table to mark exactly with a ruler. I cut them out and then hung a rectangle sheet door in place, and sewed vinyl windows in with a walking foot on the machine. 

It is a very basic house - there are certainly lots more fancy ones out there - but I have found it it the concept my boys enjoy more than lots of detail and a basic house provides lots of imaginative scope. As it is Joplin has been wanting me to be the postman a lot this morning and so perhaps a post box may make an appearance at some point ...... I'll keep you updated!

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