Saturday, 16 June 2012

Kitchen Part 4

It's finally finished!!!!! 
Well there's a few finishing touched to be done and personalisation but it's is up and running and I'm so pleased with it! 

So the next step after my last post was the units to be fitted. 

Eden loved playing hide and seek in the cupboards!

Dan trimmed a lot to fit and I helped too!

Then the worktops were cut to size, fitted and oiled. 

The sink and oven went in

The wall was tiled...

And the first meal was made and washing up could be done whilst the children played!

Since then the dish washer has been in use every night and my hands are in so much better condition!

It's such a lovely space to spend time in and Dan has done a remarkable job!

 I love the way the floor carries through into the hallway and the kitchen fairy has moved in already too!


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