Thursday, 21 June 2012

More seaside exploits and an eventful day!

We borrowed a friend's beach house for the morning on our second day and the boys had a great time searching for green sea glass, digging and splashing! The stairs were a big climbing temptation though and while I don't usually mind a bit of climbing, the stone was slippery with seaweed and the steps very hard and steep so we went back to play at Mum and Dad's.

The next day we decided to set off for Jaywick beach as there is loads of sand but just as we were about to leave, a combination of Mum and Eden (lets blame mostly Eden - he's usually trouble!) managed to get us locked out! We managed to get a ladder and I had the excitement of breaking in through a top window!

Eden was happy to play driving whilst all the excitement was going on!

We finally got in and then out to the beach where I managed to have a gorgeous swim in the sea! Sand castles were built and a lovely day was had!

 That is until we got home and Dad went over on his ancle and broke his foot!!!!

Hope you get better soon Dad! xxxxx
PS Hope we can still come to stay again!!