Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

The day started with a cuppa of course! I had a perfect selection of mug choices......
Coronation 1953, Silver Jubilee 1977, Golden Jubilee 2002 or my new Diamond Jubilee 2012 I received from my sister for my birthday last week. 

I made sure to use the appropriate spoon!

Joplin was all set for the jubilee earlier in the week with his flag and medal from playgroup. 

It wasn't quite the weather for it sadly today so we needed a few more layers, but we were still all set for the Street Party!

The street has a party every year as part of the Big Lunch, but this year there was really something to celebrate!

Even the youngest member of the street baby Eric joined the fun with his mum Rachel.

There was much fun to be had with splashing in muddy puddles...

And of course the constant favourite the bouncy castle!

The spread was amazing and the cakes for the cake competition were certainly impressive....

And when everybody had abandoned the food tables there was one little boy still going!