Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Lego Easter Egg Hunt

So about 3pm Easter Sunday after a fab day at the motor museum we were thinking we had done the fun family Easter activity. Then Joplin suddenly asked 'what time is the easter egg hunt then!?'   Oh! Well I had considered doing one but to be honest had been a bit hectic in the lead up and hadn't organised anything. A bit of quick thinking was needed!
I am keen to avoid too much chocolate as the desire of it makes my boys a little crazy! They have no self control and would eat  it all at once or obsess about it of they weren't allowed to. Not dis-similar to their mum really when it comes to chocolate!
I had some hollow plastic eggs Auntie Jill had given us a while ago and remembered I had held back a Christmas present of a box of lego I had bought the boys as I thought that they had too many presents at Christmas!  I spilt the lego into 18 different eggs and quickly hid them around the garden. They collected the eggs in their  baskets (thanks Auntie Jill again!) and I told them that they couldn't open them until we got inside. They had the thrill of the hunt and really no idea what was inside.

 They brought their eggs back in and Joplin was delighted to find proper 'big boy' lego inside! Eden was excited with the lego too but also just as pleased with the empty egg shells!

 Joplin really concentrated on following the instructions and was very proud of his first creation.
 We also had some fantastic Easter presents from Auntie Jill and Uncle Derrick (they were both very chuffed with their one proper Easter Egg!) and my Mum and Dad with fab books and toys including a lego postman which went perfectly with the new toy!