Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bunny's Birthday!

The fifth member of our family is Joplin's Bunny! He was as Easter present for bump before Joplin was born and he has become an extremely important part of Joplin's life! 
And so when he turned 5 this year Joplin asked if we could give him a party!
 After I did the invites it was time to do the cake. It was all a bit of a rush as we had been in Clacton all week and so I wanted to keep things as simple as I could. I was going to make a carrot cake but when I asked Joplin if that was what Bunny would like her told me "Bunny's fed up of carrots - he wants a chocolate cake!" Fair enough! I decided on a 'Mr McGregor's Garden' style and totally cheated with a Betty Crocker mix and frosting! The carrots were half a green jelly bean stuck on top of an orange jelly bean. Then they were stuck in rows on the cake. Quick and easy!

I can't not do themed food but again it had to be quick! Joplin is rather fond of scotch eggs, so these egg and cocktail sausage bunnies were easy and fun. 
 I found this idea here - bread rolls bunny with a humous tummy and veg dips. I cut an old soup tub to shape to hold the humous so it didn't soak into the bread and the hollowed out tummy part became the tail.  I held the rolls together with cocktail sticks.
 Cookie cutter bunny sandwiches (ham and cheese spread) on a lettuce bed...
 And lemon bunny biscuits! (Cutter in the sale after Easter!)

 Evie was the first guest and I was amazed that she had brought bunny a present! She had made a lovely card and the present was an absolutely awesome crochet cake that Evie's mum had commissioned from another friend down the road - the very talented Jacquie.

 'Feel Bunny's ears - they're so soft'!

Another friend arrived with a Peter Rabbit activity book for Bunny - I really wasn't expecting anything at all for a soft bunny's party! He also was the proud receiver of an encyclopaedia which Joplin and Bunny haven'r stopped reading since!
 My very clever friend Claire had even made a most awesome backpack for bunny to keep his carrot in! So fantastic! Bunny loves it!!

When everyone had arrived after a few mad moments with balloon swords we played some games. Pass the parcel of course, pin the tail on the bunny, treasure map hunt (this is prepared by using a pirate map (Bunny customised of course!) with a red crayon cross on the back. This is taped up to the wall where the red cross doesn't show and everyone writes their name and a cross where they think the treasure is. When everyone is done, the map is taken down and placed up to the window where the cross is revealed! We also had a bunny hop race around the kitchen and 'bunny Gangnam Style' (not my idea this one!!!) I had intended a carrot hunt around the garden and lots more races but unfortunately the weather just didn't allow it. 
After games was food and cake! It all seemed to be enjoyed and there seemed about the right amount. 

A one off but a very fun time! One very special boy and bunny!


  1. hey... not 'just a few sarnies and a play' then!!! looks wonderful Kerry, we should have braved the rainy walk x

  2. Well they were bunny shaped sarnies! Would you have expected anything less! You were both missed. xx

  3. Fantastic wish I had been there xx

    1. Lovely to see you last week Maureen! xx