Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Japanese Kanzashi Flower Brooch Take 2!

About a year ago I started to make these Kanzashi Flower Brooches. They were fun to make but a little fiddly with getting perfect squares in the fabric etc. Then a few weeks ago I was surprised to discover a Kanzashi Brooch maker in my local haberdashery!  I had to give it a go and I just love it! They come in a few sizes and the small round petal version I bought gives the same effect as the ones I made before but in a quarter of the time and neater too! Also very portable and really simple to use!
You basically just sandwich the fabric in between the device, cut around it and then sew into the numbered slots. pull the thread tight as you unclip and then add as many petals as required. I used an old baby grow and shirt the boys had outgrown and it is a lovely keepsake of well loved fabric too. The device is made by 'Clover' and lots of fun for a quick project with scraps!