Monday, 15 April 2013

Gaydon Motor Museum

A bit late posting as the pics were on Dan's camera but I thought I'd post it now.
We were wondering what to do as a family on Easter Sunday when I noticed that Gaydon Motor Museum had an Easter hunt. Joplin had been there with his school a few weeks previously and he was very keen to show it to us. (And even more how to get there - when I asked 'what did you do' after the trip he told me 'you take the M40, then then at Junction 12 take the B4451 then the B4100 !!! Yes he was right when I checked it on the map!)
Anyway it seemed like a good plan so off we went. The Easter hunt entailed finding the location of various sheep cut outs placed in cars with clues to find the next one. It was fairly simple but did provide a route around the museum and kept a focus to the day. Plus the lure of handing in the completed sheet to get a chocolate treat at the end!
It is a really nice museum with some really interesting facts and gorgeous cars. I particularly loved the exhibit with the history of William Morris's life of the Morris Minor. He started out making bikes. A days admission price entitled us to a year's entry which is great as we will certainly go again. The kids went free to as they are under 5. There was a really lovely spacious area with very clean tables to have our picnic and space for the children to have a bit of a run around (all inside) and in the warmer weather there seemed to be a good new playground.
Dan enjoyed it more than anyone and I'm sure if he were writing this post that there would be a lot more detail about the cars. From me you'll just get some family shots!
One of the first cars we saw as we came in was actually the first car Dan ever owned - a Vauxhall Viva HA -

The boys were fascinated by the car that been split down the middle:-

And Joplin was very excited to see Lady Penelope's car from the Thunderbirds!
The cars that you were allowed to get in and 'drive' were a massive hit - Eden could have stayed there all day!

 And the brass rubbings were great fun!

 I loved the car in situe in it's garage setting!

Overall a great family day out!