Monday, 11 March 2013

'The Saucepan Man Game'

This is a game Joplin made up and we play it all the time at the moment!
As Saucepan Man is a bit deaf he hears words wrong that sound alike:-

" We've just come to ask you out to tea." said Jo.
" Ask me for a bee ?" said the Saucepan Man, looking surprised. " I'm so sorry, but I don't keep bees, only saucepans."
" Not bees," said Jo. " To ask you out to TEA."
" But I don't want to go to sea," said the Saucepan Man. "I don't like the water at all. Never did. Very kind of you, I'm sure, but I hate the sea."
" Not the sea, but TEA, TEA, TEA ! " cried Jo.
" Oh, tea," said the Saucepan Man. " Well, why didn'tyou say that before ? Then I should have understood."
" I did  say it before," said poor Jo.
" What ? Shut the door ? " said the Saucepan Man. Certainly, if you want to. Give it a push."

Joplin finds this absolutely hilarious and acts the part of the saucepan man! :-
Me: "Joplin put on your coat"
Joplin: "Boat!? I don't want to go in a boat!"
Me (my cue as instructed): " Not Boat - Coat - COAT! COAT! COAT!"
Joplin: bursts into laughter!

(I have to say the real word 3 times at the end as Jo does)

All along very simple themes but a great way to stimulate his rhyming vocabulary and encourage his thinking of words. Great fun too and something we can play anywhere!

" I'm glad of that," said Jo politely.
" Cat ? No, I haven't got a cat," said the Saucepan Man,looking all round. " Did you see one ? "
" I didn't say anything about a cat," said Jo patiently.
" You did. I heard you," said the Saucepan Man, vexed. "I don,'t encourage cats. I keep mice instead. I shall look for that cat."
And then, with his saucepans clanging round him he began to look for a cat that certainly wasn't there. "Puss, Puss, Puss!" he called. "Puss, Puss,Puss!"