Monday, 11 March 2013

Faraway Tree Pop Biscuits First Attempt!

I labeled this 'First Attempt' as I will definitely be trying these again. They were certainly delicious but not quite the magic I was going for...

Joplin is madly into the Faraway tree at the moment! We read a couple of chapters every night and play the 'saucepan man game' a lot in the day (see the next post for that!) He was desperate to try the delicious sounding 'toffee shocks', 'google buns' and 'pop biscuits' that Silky and Moonface make. Toffee shocks and google buns are more Heston Blumenthal territory I fear, but I thought I would have a go at the Pop Biscuits!

"As soon as you bit them they went pop! and you suddenly found your mouth filled with new honey from the middle of the biscuits.  Fanny took seven, one after another, for she was rather greedy."

I used Dan's mum's basic biscuit recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook then added a few twists:-


Cream 250g butter, half cup of sugar and teaspoon of vanilla extract together,
Beat in 1 egg.
Add 3 cups of flour and knead into dough.

It was at this point that I added the twist with 2 chopped up Crunchie bars (minus the chocolate - it would be better if you could just find honeycomb, then again you wouldn't get to eat the lest over chocolate afterwards if you did that!)
I also added a packet of space dust Joplin had left over from a party bag.

I mixed it all together, then split it into small balls. I made a hole in each, popped in a spoonful of set honey and then sealed over the hole by squeezing the dough together and then squished the balls into rounds. 

Pop in the oven at 190°C for 12-15 minutes or until light gold colour. 

Now as you can see the honey leaked out a little in some of the cookies and it did soak into the dough a little so that it wasn't exactly the pop effect. Also the popping candy must have popped during the cooking process as there was no magical popping in the mouth I was hoping for.

Having said all that they were really delicious and Joplin loved them. He was so excited to be eating something that Silky makes! I had book club over the next evening too and they went down very well with the girls too!

I will certainly make them again but plan a few tweaks and twists! Watch this space....

Update: Take 2