Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pop biscuits take 2!

I have to say that these were not quite as tasty as the last lot and missed the honey, however they did go pop! It has given me a flash of inspiration for the way forward though, so this is just an update on the way!
I baked the biscuits as usual from the first directions here but didn't put in the honey in the centre.
Instead I spit them into batches and experimented when out of the oven.

Batch 1: non successful! I split them whilst hot and put in the popping candy. This popped immediately with the moisture from the hot biscuits.

Batch 2: not bad - I spilt them and filled with honey. The honey put in cooled was better than the baked kind. Well more 'pop biscuitish' anyway! The only thing was that the biscuits crumbled quite a lot.

Batch 3: These were the most like the Faraway Tree kind I think. I split them when cold and put the popping candy in the middle and then used the honey spread around the edges to put them back together.  They did still crumble a lot though so were a bit messy. Joplin told me that they did pop but Silky makes them with one big pop rather than lots of pops! Now there I am stumped!
I think I am going to cook them thinner next time and sandwich them together so that I don't have to split them and have them crumble.

Again watch this space - it has turned into quite a mission now!!!