Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sewing Day - Seat covers and a monster!

I have been meaning to cover or seat pads for a while and after buying some lovely Melody Miller fabric I realised it would be a disaster for my messy eating boys and rethought! I found this lovely Robert Kaufman Owls laminated cotton on Etsy and thought it would be perfect to wipe up spills and dinner!

I pinned around the cushions inside out and then sewed them up with velcro at the back and velcro to hold them to the chairs. I made them so that 2 cushions could go inside for the boys to give them booster seats and then had enough to make an adult version too. I now need more fabric to do the rest!
 back view ....
 side view.....

Sewing must have been in the air in our house today as Joplin discovered a monster kit he was given last Christmas in the cupboard. He has never wanted to listen to my instructions before so we saved it until he was a bit older but he seemed really keen today. I held it whilst he sewed around the edge. I just let him get on with it which is why there is a mix of running stich, blanket-ish stich and a few weird and wonderfuls, but it all adds to the monster effect and he was so proud he had done it all himself! The features were stickyback felt and Joplin chose them all too (the hat is actually a beak but I think it works rather well!). Eden loved the monster too and chased us around making aaarrrgh noises! 

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