Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Day in Stratford upon Avon - MAD Museum and playground

I have been meaning to go to the MAD Museum since I heard about it a few months ago and with a free Saturday it seemed like a great opportunity. It is a museum of Automata which is a massive love of mine and I was keen to share it with the boys.

With so many buttons to press they were bound to love it!
There were so many cool exhibits - I was fascinated by this sand automation which cleared then printed a message continually by Helmut Baur.
 It was a real treat too to have the artist Jelle Bakker present for the awesome marble maze here along with the artist pictured on the right.
Another favorite of mine was this one made out of old recycled toys...
 A great little museum and well worth a visit!
 After our MAD adventure we finished the day out with a tip to the playground! The boys played really well together on the sand pulleys. Eden filled the cone then shouted up for Joplin to hoist it up.
 Joplin would then pull up the sand to tip into the tube back to Eden! Hours of fun!

That is until Eden started taking his time and Joplin ran out of patience and started hoisting too early!!!
I quickly whisked Eden away to sort out some shapes.

They then had great fun playing on the diggers.

Joplin was also very proud of himself that after many attempts he finally managed to climb to the top of the climbing wall tower! Eden kept pointing at him shouting Mike Knight!