Thursday, 11 October 2012

Holiday - Beach!

The beach was easily my best bit. Both Dan and myself really miss living by the sea and the sound of the waves and lying on warm sand can't be beaten - not to mention sandcastles!
I'm sure it wasn't that Dan was missing work but he couldn't help himself building cars out of sand for the boys!
I love swimming in the sea - I could swim so much longer in the sea than a pool. It's partly the rise and fall of the waves, partly the smell but I think mostly because there is the opportunity to just swim - anywhere if you dare! When I was younger I swam with some friends right out to the buoys marking the shipping lane, and I regularly used to take a swim before work in Bondi from one end of the bay to the other. There just seems a point to swimming in the sea as you are really going somewhere rather than just a boring lap of a pool! Anyway, it was lovely!! Joplin loved it too being just out of his depth and we swam up the beach together. It was fun to share it with him!
Both boys loved splashing in the waves and playing with the sand.

It was nice to come down in the evenings too after dinner. Dan loved skimming stones and Eden kept running off to harass the fishermen!

Wish we were back there now!