Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fun at the Fair!!

The fair has come to the town this week and Joplin was so excited!
We met a couple of his friends there and he had a blast on the rides! (Eden tried to escape by climbing out as the ride started on his first ride so he spent the rest of the fair on my back!!)

 I was surprised when Joplin and Harry wanted to go on the Ghost Train - they said it was scary but in a giggly way so I think they enjoyed it!

 The Teacups were a big hit and they loved spinning each other around!

 They ended up on the roller-coaster wich was a bit more scary than Joplin had anticipated though! It was a bit of a terrified look as he went round but I think he felt proud of himself for 'being  brave' when he wobbled off!