Friday, 2 March 2012

Sewing with laminated paper, and vinyl wallets from comic books

I have been wanting to try out sewing with paper into useful items for a while now and so with a birthday pressie needed for my Auntie I thought I'd give it a go.
I printed and laminated an old style airmail envelope bearing her birthday and address (blurred on photos).  I was limited to what could be done with an A4 sheet so I thought a pencil case could work. I folded it to show front and back envelope sides then sewed in a zip. This was a little tricky as the laminated paper didn't have much give, but with my zipper foot and sewing with the zip open it went in Ok. I then sewed up the sides. I stitched over the zip ends a few times then trimmed it with scissors.

I was pleased with how it turned out but ideally I wanted something with a bit more flexibility. I thought I'd try vinyl.

I scored a good find on ebay this week - a huge stack of Thunderbirds magazines! 87 in total for just a couple of pounds! Whilst I'm sure Joplin (and Dan!) are going to be over the moon with them and will fill a few birthday and Christmas pressies for the next 40 or so years, I figured the enthusiasm would fade certainly by issue 80, so I thought I would upcycle the last few into of some use!

I thought I'd start by a small card / business card holder. I cut a strip of comic book one width wide - approx 8" X 3". I roughly cut the vinyl to cover the whole thing X 2 and an extra couple to cover each end approx 2.5'' over. I sandwiched the  comic book in-between the vinyl and laid the extra pieces either end.

I sewed along the vinyl on the edge of the paper and then over the paper and the vinyl. I made it quite a large stitch (no. 3) so the vinyl wouldn't rip. 

It came out quite well and seems pretty strong and durable. 

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