Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kitchen Part 2

A month and a bit later and we're still going!
The loose floorboards have been a big hit - if you were to ask the boys to sit down and do a jigsaw, it will never happen, but the floorboard jigsaw puzzle they could do all day!

We decided to move the wall between the kitchen and hallway back a few inches to maximise on space, so the old wall was knocked down and a new one put in. This made for a lot of climbing through walls!

The old windows have come out both sides and the wall was opened up for french windows.


The boys still like helping out and their tools are always to hand!

Dan put up plasterboard to prepare for the plasterer and a friend Dean helped support the tricky ceiling boards. 

I was finally allowed some input with the wallpaper stripping!

The chimney was timbered up then plasterboarded over - quite a fun puzzle making for Dan!

And today plastering is underway!

It will be interesting to see how it all looks in another month and a half - also whether we can face any more ready meals!!

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