Sunday, 4 March 2012

Milk jugs and pompoms!

The simple things please the most! After Joplin's 5 (yes 5!) bowls of cereal today another big jug of milk was done. When I couldn't cram the jug into the full recycle bin I  was reminded of an idea I had seen on pinterest so decided to up-cycle it instead. A minute with some scissors, and a very simple finger pompom with some scrap wool later we had a new toy!
It took a while for Joplin to get the hand but he was very pleased with himself when he got the pompom in! Eden had a bit of fun shaking it around, then took the logical route and just put it in with his hands - obvious really! He then had a good shake with it before realising what a good weapon it would be to get his brother with! Boys will be boys!