Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Eden's big request this half term was to see monkeys! So off we went yesterday to the Cotswold Wildlife Park!
One of the first things we saw when we arrived was the penguins! I think actually these were the biggest hit of the day as we had to see them 3 times in the end! It was great they were so close - the boys loved them and Eden had a good old chat with them!

 Another big hit of the day was the giraffes. You can climb up to neck height to see them which was great to see how big their heads were and how tall they really are! We spent 5 minutes or so watching them inside, then they went for a walk and we followed them out.

 We also saw a sleepy lion, a hiding leopard, lots of meercats (Joplin's favourite), reptiles, bats (Eden was scared in the bat cave!), rhinos, farm animals and lots lots more as wellas of course monkeys (such fun watching them we forgot to take a photo!)
We also went on the train around the park which the boys loved and the playground was lots of fun too!

(Eden went up the stairs but didn't fancy the slide so came back down again via the stairs!)

All in all a lovely day and the rain held off too!