Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cardboard Robot

Eden recently received a late birthday present from our  lovely friends round the corner, of a Makedo robot making kit. Basically it has all the connectors and hinges as well as a cardboard saw, hole puncher and stickers to transform junk into a wonderful creation!

It works like a cross between a cable ties and a  nut and bolt, but plastic and easy for little fingers to put together and remove with only a little help. 

It was all Eden’s design and he knew what he wanted to do. I helped suggesting how the hinges would work for the arms, and where best to put the holes, but he loved fixing it all together and being a proper workman! 

He was very proud of his creation! It was been up a week now and taken a fair bit of bashing around, being hit behind, being a dance partner and lots more and the fixings have stood up really well. Best think is we can re use all the bits to make something else soon!