Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Day in London

Joplin really wanted to go to London this half term so today was his treat. The plan was to go to the Natural History museum to see the dinosaurs, but the queue was around the building and an estimated 2 hour wait so we got back on the tube again! Strangely enough we bumped into old friends from Clacton on the platform!

With a change of plan we headed to Covent Garden where we had a really lovely meal and catch up with Joplin's Godfather and my gorgeous friend Richie Rich! He treated us to a great meal in Cafe Rouge and it was so nice to see him!

The boys then really wanted to go to Hamleys to see the Lego so we headed to Regent Street. There were giant Lego figures from the Lego Movie in the window display so they were very excited to see that!

Then half way up the escalators we bumped into a minion!
Once on the 5th floor the lego telephone box was a big hit as it was last time, and we spent a long time looking at all the amazing lego sets!

 We were just about to leave when we spotted a sign telling of of an underground train in the basement - and there really was!! An old carriage set up for photos that the staff take and sell to you but they were lovely and didn't mind at all when we took our own photos. The lady answered loads of Joplin's questions and told him lots of interesting fact about the tube, and they played drivers for about half an hour! I really think they got more out of that than they would have done in the London Transport Museum (which we also tried but there were queues down the street). It really was a great end to the day!

Time to head back on the tube! We skipped the train this trip and drove to the Westgate shopping centre in Shepherds Bush and parked there. At £6 parking for the day it worked out around the same if not cheaper than the train from Banbury, even with the petrol, and was so much more flexible. We will definitely be doing it that way again!

 All in all a fun day despite the lack of dinosaurs! We will try them again outside of school holidays!!