Friday, 29 November 2013

Paper globe

I was so pleased to find this fantastic free printable globe from
Basically you the free pdf onto card and it slots together in a sort of honeycomb style. It's a very clever design - completely glue free but very solid. Anyway, I had great fun putting it all together before I passed it on to Joplin! I would imagine that maybe 7 plus years would be able to precisely cut and put this together with a bit of help, but this time I got play!

Anyway, once put together Joplin loved it! He is really into maps and countries and is suddenly loving and putting effort into colouring-in in the last few months. It took a few days to complete, but he had such fun and let us know every time he  coloured a new country. The globe is great to throw and catch and is amazingly sturdy from just a few sheets of slotted together thin card.

A great activity I would thoroughly recommend! You can down load it at