Sunday, 10 November 2013

Knitted Wreath

I thought I'd make a knitted wreath this year for Christmas!!
It was a great project for a long car journey as there weren't really any rules - I just grabbed a few Christmassy colours from my wool scraps and started knitting stripes! Eventually I ended up with this:-
 I had some pipe lagging left over from another project and thought it would make a perfect base.
I nicked it to help it curve into a circle..
 I then squeezed a smaller section covered in Gaffa tape and inserted it into either end of the circle to again help hold the shape. I then gaffa-ed it all together.
 After joining the ends of the knitting I formed it around the pipe lagging and then began to seam it up. As it was to be the back it didn't matter too much about the seam but I wanted to make it as neat as I could.

 And here is my finished result! (With added bunny!) I'm looking forward to putting it up at Christmas!!