Sunday, 10 November 2013

Centre Parcs!

I have been a bit slack at posting lately but am going to try and have a catch up tonight! 
Around a month ago we went for a lovely long weekend at Centre Parcs in Sherwood. 
Here are a few of the highlights!
The pool was where we spent a large chunk of the holiday - twice a day. The outside part was great fun both in daylight and night and the hot tubs were fab. I loved that it was your decision whether your child was up for the slides / hot tubs etc and the relaxed guidelines showed respect for their customer.

 We had a few vouchers to use and the boys had a blast on the mini jet skis!
Joplin was very brave on the big slide!
The playgrounds were great for all - big and small!

 It was just lovely to ride around on our bikes everywhere on family bike rides!