Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter egg treasure hunt!

I have been collecting the egg shells for the last week or so and blowing out the egg instead of cracking them. Last night I cut up confetti from glitter strands and coloured paper and filled the eggs. I also put in a clue as to where to find the next egg with my dodgy drawings of trampoline, washing machine, bath etc. 

I popped the eggs in their places the day before thinking we'd do it in the morning but as it turned out we waited until the afternoon (due to a trip to the bootsale!). When I made lunch I totally forgot that I had hidden a clue egg in the microwave!! The contents were a bit fused together when it broke and the paper was rather singed but it still luckily did the trick!

Joplin loved throwing and smashing the eggs and watching the confetti go everywhere! He also loved the treasure hunt aspect with the clues. 

The treasure hunt ended up in the washing machine where his presents were hidden from us, Nannah and Grandad, and Auntie Jill and Uncle Derrick. It was lovely to do a easter egg hunt that revolved around the hunt rather than the chocolate filled madness my hungry boy would otherwise have been taken over with! The boys had some lovely Easter pressies including cookie cutters books and games. I wasn't planning on a pressie from us as I knew he already had some from family. After a find at the boot-sale though, I managed to sneak my 50p bargain past him and home to wrap,  and he was very pleased with his Fireman Sam t shirt!