Saturday, 7 April 2012

Biking in the park

We took the boys' bikes over the park today. Eden is coming along really well when he isn't distracted by chasing squirrels! He loves exploring and just heads off in the direction he wants. He has also just started climbing his bike up hills just so he can turn around and ride down them! Just like his dad!

Joplin has just starting coming out with some great stunts! He loves his 'stand up riding' and rode all the way home standing up. He is also really finding his balance and to my delight popping in a few ballet moves!! Check out his arabesque on this video.....

and the splits on this one! (nice crash at end!!)

And a bit of downhill from Eden...

Joplin was also really proud to be able to climb over the cargo net at the playground for the first time today too!