Thursday, 20 September 2012

Weekend of parties and a visit from Auntie Peggy!

We have just had a lovely weekend with Auntie Peggy coming to visit! It was also a weekend of two birthday parties of friends from the street. So Auntie Peggy was kept busy with lots of children!
Kitty's party kicked off with a fab treasure hunt through the park. The children loved hunting for the next clue and writing the answer on their clip board

 Auntie Peggy ended up helping everyone!
 The birthday girl looked lovely in Princess atire!
 Eden was in charge of stickers for our team and loved giving them out!
 Back to a lovely tea and fun and pass the parcel in the garden.

 The play dough in the party bags was a big hit and Joplin discovered writing with his.

The next day brought another party - despite the birthday boy sporting a broken arm fresh in plaster, it didn't stop the climbing frame fun! 
 Bust days = tired boys, and a snuggle on the couch was the perfect way to end the day!