Monday, 10 September 2012

Spice Rack

I am so excited about my new spice rack! We have loads of herbs and spices that used to really clutter up the cupboard and I often found I would buy 2 or 3 of the same spice merely because I couldn't find it on the shelf!
So with the new kitchen came an idea and solution!
Dan cut me a sheet of metal and glued it to the inside of the cupboard door. I bought a wholesale lot of 50 tins and cut circles from magnetic sheet ( I bought this from Ebay with a self adhesive backing. I would imagine you could probably get the circles cut for you if you wanted a better circle shape but I figured as it was hidden I wasn't too fussed.) A fun hour spent with my new Dymo labelling machine later and I filled the tins and popped them on the door! They hold there really well. I was afraid they may fall with an energetic shake of the door but the magnetic force holds them well.

I am so pleased with it - not only is it easy to navigate and takes up no shelf  space, it is also hidden from view.

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