Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sweetie Wreath take 2! (Secret weapon loom bands!)

I have been making sweetie wreaths such as this pervious post here each Christmas for the last few years since a visit to Dan's sister in New Zealand who always makes one for Christmas!
I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a good friend who works for a firm wanting to put on a charity fundraiser / team-building craft workshop. As the company distributes sweets it seemed the perfect craft to take advantage of the raw materials available! As I will be teaching to a team rather than individuals however, some tweaks needed to be made to simplify it.

The first step is with a wire coat hanger. This needs to be stretched to form a circle shape.
This is followed by winding a long strip(s) of fleece around the hanger. 

Now comes the new secret weapon .... Loom Bands! After the 24 hour initial enthusiasm from my son we now have hundreds around the house and they seemed the perfect solution. 

I looped the band round the end tie or the sweet. Then the rest of the band around the hanger, then back round the sweet tie. 

With one band per sweet it took around 20 minutes to do the wreath with 2 boxes of chocolates. A bow on top and it is ready to hang on the door! 

Hopefully they will work well as a group activity and sell well for the charity! I will post an update after the event!