Friday, 3 January 2014

JJ Art T Shirt! - 'Scary Man'

Joplin did a great drawing the other day! I thought a good way to show how proud I was, was to make it into a T-shirt for him to wear! I had a couple of one pound t-shirts left over from his PE kit multi pack and some pound shop t-shirt transfers so it wasn't an expensive project, but lots of fun!
I won't use the pound shop transfers again though - they didn't really stick well enough and didn't last a wash, so it would be better economy to spend a couple more pounds and not loose the t-shirt. (It didn't help that he wore it the day knocked his front tooth out and got blood all over it - another story!) It won't be expensive to replace though and with a decent transfer and the other multipack t shirt I should hopefully be able to replace it quickly.
Here it is anyway! I think he looks great and he was very proud to be able to wear his art!